September 27th, 2009


Oh, Plenary.

Oh, Plenary. With only two resolutions, I've still been here for an hour and a half. And I showed up 1 hour late. And we reached quorum like 20 minutes after I got here.

(For those of you who don't know, Plenary is this thing we have at Bryn Mawr where people suggest resolutions to the Bryn Mawr Constitution and then they are discussed and voted on. Because the Bryn Mawr student body is run by Self Governance and run almost entirely on the honour code, this is something that's really important to how we operate. Quorum is the number of people we need to have voting count, and this year it's like 433 or something... damn. However, it's still a pain in the ass.)

This year, we had one really not-controversial resolution (Written consent for sharing of private information discussed in counseling sessions, rather than verbal consent) a really controversial one, whether or not Haverford students should be allowed to be Hall Advisors, Dorm Presidents, and other elected positions of dorm leadership.

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