November 6th, 2009


My poor neglected journal.

I need to start actually posting again @_____@;;; lion_crest seriously has eaten my life.

So, currently, my life is rather hectic, but that's okay! ♥ I'm going to talk about the good things here, because no one needs yet another bitchy, whiny lj post, right? XD

Firstly, Caitlin's having my piece close the show for Fall Student Dance Concert! I'm really touched. It's an honour to get to close the show, so I hope the piece turns out well. It's done, but far, far, far from clean. We're really mada mada...

wtf how did I not know that there was a version of "Birthday" by Aozu as well as the one by Ryoma, Fuji, and Oishi for Tezuka? XD;; Somehow, it sounds really weird with Tezuka also in it, because his voice is like 7 octaves deeper than the others', and I like the background version for the new one a lot better. BECAUSE IT IS FILLED WITH RYOMA'S LOVE FOR TEZUKA, OBVIOUSLY. Seriously, the way Ryoma says the line "Mada tarinain'da your dreams" in the version for Tezuka is seriously the sweetest thing ever. ...Actually, honestly, I really don't like the old version. :/ Huh.

*rolls around* Did I have something say in this post? XD;