November 16th, 2009


Meme from monarchist

I just got the H1N1 vaccine... yay! Now I'm kind of nauseated, but it's all good. Also, on the sheet that one has to fill out to get vaccinated, it asked if I "had ever had" Guillain Barre Syndrome. Um... as far as I know, once you get Guillain Barre, you always have it. Unless you're Yukimura. THEREFORE YUKIMURA MADE THE VACCINE QUESTIONNAIRES?! Idek man.

Meme from monarchist!

The Rules:
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. (If you want a letter, just say so.)
2. List (and upload/link) 5 10 (or more if you want) songs that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

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