December 16th, 2009


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I FINISHED PSYCH. FUCK YEAH. Here's to hoping I didn't fail... @____@;;;

My entire studying experience has been to the dulcet tones of Kimeru (and as I result, I now have Koishite Kimeru stuck in my head...) I feel like I shouldn't have done that, but I guess he's easy to study to. XD; I tried NEWS, but I kept getting distracted, and listening to Hyoutei B made my ears hurt >___>; So... more Kime it is. XD;

Relatedly, I was thinking of cosplaying Kimeru for a con sometime in the near future. Would anyone be interested in cosplaying an actor with me? I'd love a Nagayan or Yanagi, but anyone from first cast or who Kime's been known to hang around with would be great (lol Daisuke with his gross facial hair?). I know yomimashou has mentioned maybe wanting to, and I'm fairly certain most people on my flist who cosplay with think I'm a crazy person, but maybe genicheerios, onewhomust, I'm kind of looking at you. XD; Or anyone who goes to the same cons as me. I just really wanna do it, even for half a day, and it would be more fun with more friends :D

For reference, I'm thinking of doing this here outfit, so... it doesn't really have any affect on what anyone else wears. XD;;; Just... because I think it would be fairly easy to do. ^^;;; And I have to find a mullet wig... >>;;; But on the bright side, my Kimeru's arm impressions are amazing. XD;

...on that note, off to study Japanese.

For lion_crest: Gift List

Since I have so many characters at lion_crest I figured it would be prudent to do this somewhere that wasn't my characters' journals, so I'm going to do it here. Pretty much everyone (besides lion_crest people) can ignore this. 8D

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