December 25th, 2009


I sometimes hate vacations.

Firstly, happy birthday, digital_blitz! ♥

Secondly, my parents brought me to Florida under the full impression I would have free wireless internet access from the lobby of my hotel. In fact, wireless anywhere in the hotel costs 10 dollars a day, and there are 2 computers sketchily off in this little room with internet access, upon which I am currently posting. I am not pleased.

So, aside from posting Pillar Pair fics daily (assuming I have the time to type them up on this computer), possibly responding to logs later in the evening, and checking my flists daily, don't expect to see much of me until new years. I'm really just as displeased as you might be (unless you're happy not to have me spamming your flists... in which case, lucky for you!) but there's not much I can do about it... I plan to try to be here in the late evenings as much as possible, but it really depends on who else is here and other variables like that.

I'm extremely frustrated. But there's also nothing I can do. XO Maybe I'll at least be able to find a panera or something.

Also, if I can't post my fic for this week, I'm going to be especially annoyed. [Insert obligatory keysmash of annoyance here]. I'm sorry in advance, clinck! TT___TT;;

So, the TL;DR for this post is: Fuck my life.