January 4th, 2010



I got all my hair cut off today! 15 inches donated to Locks of Love. Previously, my hair had been to my butt, and it's now chin length in the front and even shorter in the back. I'm still not sure how to feel about it-- I've never had my hair this short before in my life-- but I think it looks good. ^^; Hopefully. XD; It looks sort of like Gakuto, anyway, which can't be altogether a bad thing! (But don't worry, I didn't get triangle bangs. XD;;;)

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I mentioned to the hairdresser that I had "seen someone somewhere" with this haircut and triangle bangs... and she cringed. XD;;;;

In other news, I should be working on my independent major proposal, but I'm so lazy @___@;; And the stupid dog is sleeping on my lap, so I can't move. >____>

Downloaded Kimeru's newest album... I have yet to listen to it for real, so I've yet to pass judgement. ^^; We'll see.

My head feels so light @_____@