January 6th, 2010


Today, chiachiaamichan came over and we wasted our time watching Samurai High School and PoT and Yuugiou Abridged and other good things~ I showed her the highlights of some of the idol DVDs I have (OBSESSION! FOREVER!!!). I really enjoyed SHS, though, and am totally shipping Nakamura and Koutarou... XD; I don't usually like dramas, but I really am moved by this one. I'm going to keep watching. :3

Also, rewatched some of the PoT OVAs. Baby!Tez is ♥~ Also, I need to finish that fic I started about Arai... because he's totally in love with Kachirou~

Also, she brought me my Christmas gift, and I forgot to show off my amazing gift from monarchist, so have some photos (which include my ugly face, but ignore that part. XO)

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