January 29th, 2010


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East vs. West tonight! I'm excited, seeing as West is where I'm homesick for, and it's an excuse to dress up after a week of being sick! It's weird, but while I'm sick, I barely have the energy to put on eyeliner, and I know I'm better when I want to look pretty again. So I guess I'm better! ♥ That being said, my nose is still runny and I'm still a little dizzy on and off. But mostly better!

Katsucon is coming up so soon @____@ It's really stressful. We're leaving two weeks from today, and we still have so much to get done. Luckily, most of the wigs have been styled except for Magical Unicorn Princess's, and we're helping moonlightlady14 do the collars tomorrow. I keep meaning to post the Hotaro wig tutorial... I promise I'll get on that soon, hyoutan! Please don't stress, you know I love you! ♥

While I was sick, I was pondering how NyQuill is a higher alcohol proof than some commercial alcoholic beverages... so taking NyQuill is akin to taking shots. XD;;;; You can tell how well my brain was functioning when I was sick. I'm so cool.

Hm. I feel as if I had more to say. Kime pictures will, again, be up when I have the time. Between internal Study Abroad apps, Temple's apps, Internships, and grants on top of actual school work, I'm a bit swamped, and lion_crest eats most of my free time. Alas.