March 22nd, 2010


Kyou wa dame demo...

Though my claim hasn't been accepted yet over at 1sentence... I wanted to post this anyway, and if, for some reason, I don't get accepted... XD; oh well. Most importantly, I did this for yomimashou, because I love her so ♥ Feel better, darling!

Title: Mirai wa Bacchiri

Disclaimer: I do not own Kimeru or Nagayan, and even if I did, I couldn't control them :P

Rating: R

Warnings: RPS! BL, angst, vague solo

Author's Note: This was harder than I was expecting it to be. XD; I hope they aren't terribly cliche, anyway... As far as I know, the title translates roughly to "The future is in order"... in the sense that things will be right and correct in the future, so to speak.

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