April 4th, 2010



Back from Anime Boston!

I had a great time overall- it was great seeing chiachiaamichan and yomimashou again! A few people even took our picture in our Prince of Tennis cosplay, which was a shocker. XD; We went to a few panels and bought a few things, and, overall, a good time was had.

As for what I bought... well, that's the embarrassing part. XD; I bought a Tezuka charamate to go with the Ryoma on my cellphone, which was all fine and well... and then... well, stuff happened. I ended up buying a Hitsugaya poster and half of an Ichimaru/Hitsugaya doujinshi with yomimashou. The sad part being: We've never read Bleach, nor watched it. We really haven't even watched all that much of the musicals. We only bought it because of Tuti and Nagayan.

Fuck, are we losers.

But hey, I'm happy with it. I'm currently attempting to flatten my Hitsugaya print under some books because it got wrinkled in the car (TT____TT) and I've already given Kayla and hyoutan their gifts~

...Now back to real life XO Photoshoots (Kime/Yanagi and Fuji Family) will come later. For now, I have homework to do. @__@