April 29th, 2010


All's well that's hopefully going to end the semester well?

So, I've gotten my computer back!

The good news: It was only 2 days, not the four they said it was going to be!

The bad news: Because I got a new logic board, my Time Machine no longer recognizes my computer! So I have to delete everything that was on my backup drive and start over again. This isn't a tragedy, BUT if something goes wrong between deleting everything off the drive (that's 500 gigs worth of shit...) and re-backing up, I'm fucked. And that makes me super nervous.

But... on the bright side, I learned how to use a slide carousel? XD; Hopefully I'll get points from Donohue for that. It makes me nervous that everyone else's paper is like 3 or 4 pages longer than mine...

Also, Mady decided to move our Comp final back a few days... to the exact same day as my Greek Sculpture final. FUCKKKKK. @____@ For the record, my dance is almost done and I'm really quite confident in it, but Aliza has a sinus infection and some other people were having trouble scheduling rehearsals... so I got sacrificed for their sake. Fair, I suppose, but not ideal. >___> So I'm going to complain. *whines*

In other news, it's kind of embarrassing how much I really love this song. I kind of want to somehow build upon the bits of a dance that exist in the TV size version and make a para para out of it or something, with cosplay and whatnot. The schoolgirl outfits from the video would be like so easy to put together. XD; Obnxiously, if I were to be anyone out of the crowd, I'd want to be Rukia... the one who doesn't have huge boobs. Alas, why do I only like the female characters in Bleach who it would make so much less sense for me to ever cosplay? I guess I'll stick to crossplaying... *le sigh*

...I ramble about really random stuff when I'm stressed and tired...