May 28th, 2010


Oh TV tropes..

So, while putsing around on the internet and not packing like I should be, I went back to take a look at the TV tropes Foe Yay page to find that much had been added since I last looked in 2009. XD; Also, back then, I wasn't into Bleach, and I was pleased with the amount of Foe Yay stuff listed for it (and the fact that the IMAGE for the WHOLE PAGE was from Bleach? That's an awesome macro, by the way XD) I mean, Bleach is completely filled with Foe Yay, but I was amused by some of the comments they had:

Not so much "Foe Yay" as "Rival Yay," but Renji seems to have a whole lot more on his mind than just becoming able to beat Byakuya... Trufax, man. ♥

I also always thought that this was a little questionable in an adorably gay way. XD;

...The list of tropes found in Prince of Tennis is freaking ridiculous. XD;; Also, this. ♥ ALSO, how the hell did OT5 make it onto TV tropes? XD;;;

I am amused.