August 9th, 2010


Not gonna lie, I just want to use this icon.

I am SO SORE. I took class today, but I shouldn't be THAT out of shape. Apparently, I am, though, and oh god, is walking going to be sad tomorrow. @___@ I already hurt all over.

I also auditioned for my piece in the spring gala today. It went... interestingly, to say the least. Here's to hoping everything works out @____@;;

AHHH I'm not at all packed for Japan and it's making me stress all of a sudden. WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO??

But, on the bright side, I made some new *pnish* desktops for myself and yomimashou, and I made a Tuti and Nagayan background for Parvati (the blackberry) :3 How did I fall so much in love with *pnish* recently? XD;