September 26th, 2010


Santies, part 2!

I KNOW I'M REALLY BEHIND ON REPORTS but I'm working on catching up, I promise. TT___TT;;;


Thursday night, I saw Santies again, and this time the guest was none other than Kimeru! Since Kime is one of my favourite former TeniMyu boys/fabulous, fabulous girly men, I was delighted, and considering all the stuff that went on during first cast Tenimyu, I was interested to see how he would interact with our own Moriyama-san after so long! I was super pumped... But it definitely lived up to all my expectations!

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That's all for now! I'm going to try to get the final report, the one with Tsuda Kenjirou as the guest, done as soon as possible! I also am planning on writing a report on Kimeru's live that I went to today (Saturday, the 25th), and maybe the Kitty Guys event from Thursday, so... hopefully I'll get those done eventually XD