October 17th, 2010


Panic Age fic!

I don't have an appropriate icon for this. :P Nor do I have an excuse for it... @___@ Except for that I blame fencer_x entirely. XD; But yay, one fic done before Wednesday... a bunch to go. XD;

Title: Hate

Disclaimer: Panic Age isn’t mine, thank god.

Rating: NC-17!!

Pairing: Moriyama Eiji/Sano Daiki Jr. (aka Jay)

Warnings: EXPLICIT M/M SEX. Yes, you read that right. BL, kissing and all that, age difference, mild angst, language.

Author’s Note: For those of you familiar with Panic Age... I apologize for this. If you recall, Panic Age details the story of Tuti, Wasshi, and Daiki’s son’s tracking down Eiji at some video game-esque onsen after he quit *pnish* 20 years earlier and convincing him to quit being a hermit and rejoin his friends in the world of the living. Jay, Daiki’s son, is incredibly obsessed with the fact that Eiji ruined his father’s life, and well... XD;; It just seemed too likely to me that after all those years, seeing Jay, who looks exactly like Daiki, would be too much for Eiji to resist. Read this at your own risk; it is the FICTIONAL Moriyama Eiji sleeping with Daiki’s FICTIONAL son, so seriously... read at your own discretion. XD;

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