October 19th, 2010


more panic age fic XD;

Ahahaha... Panic Age is apparently just throwing ideas at me recently, which is really kind of embarrassing, but whatever. XD; This fic isn't actually anywhere near sketchy as the other Panic Age fic I wrote, so... yeah. XD;

...This song is NEVER going to NOT be stuck in my head.

Title: Everything

Disclaimer: Panic Age is still not mine... and really, I don't want it. XD;

Rating: PG maybe?

Pairing: Eiji/Daiki (in their fictional Panic Age selves)

Warnings: AU! BL, men kissing, vague angst, drabble

Author's Note: This is an AU straying from Panic Age canon about 15 or so years before the action of the play takes place. XD; I wanted to write something cute for this universe, and it's sort of hard with the canon they give you, so... this happened. XD;

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Yes, you guessed it: MORE Panic Age fic.

I should be doing homework right now, but I had another fic to get out. XD;;; And of course, it's Panic Age. I don't know, I have no excuses... don't judge me. XD;;; And, um, enjoy?

Title: Between the Cracks

Disclaimer: Nope, I still wouldn’t want Panic Age even if it were mine.

Rating: R to be on the safe side

Pairings: Eiji/Jay, hinted Eiji → Daiki (one sided)

Warnings: non-explicit m/m sex and mentions of sex, BL type stuff, kissing and whatnot, angst, mind-fuckery, language

Author’s Note: This is a companion to Hate (I don’t know how well it stands on its own...), and takes place maybe a few weeks after it. This pairing is so messed up, and yet, I love it. Ahaha.

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