October 23rd, 2010


Western Mode fic! (face it, you knew it was coming XD)

This was going to happen sooner or later, so better that it happened sooner, right? XD;; I honestly thought this pairing was really cute, and found Wanizuka (mostly) much more endearing than I thought I would ever be able to, so... I'm happy to write fic about it. XD; Sorry to post fic of something that isn't even out on DVD yet, though...


Title: (in)comprehensible

Disclaimer: Western Mode isn’t mine, alas.

Rating: PG

Pairing: ♣/♥ - Wanizuka/Avery (Washio Noboru/Hashimoto Taito), with mentions of Cress/Harry (Ooyama Masashi/Sano Daiki)

Warnings: BL, drabbly

Author’s Note: I couldn’t resist writing fic for this even though the run of the play’s not even done yet! @___@; I’ve seen it four times now, and I was inspired. I hope it’s enjoyable anyway? And, if not... that after the DVD comes out sometime in January, that it will be? XD;

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