October 31st, 2010


Panic Age!

...Naturally, when I take a break from writing Western Mode fic, it's to write everyone's favourite Panic Age fic! Yes, that's right, more in the saga of Moriyama Eiji and Sano Jay. Awesome, I know. XD;;;


Title: All or Nothing

Disclaimer: Panic Age belongs to *pnish*

Rating: R

Pairings: Moriyama Eiji/Sano Jay, Moriyama Eiji→Sano Daiki, Sano Daiki→Moriyama Eiji, hinted Tuti/Nagayan

Warnings: Everything ever. Brief semi-graphic m/m sex, tons of angst, age difference, mind-fuckery, language... you name it, it's in here. XD;

Author's Note: Yet a third part in the series, following Hate and Between the Cracks. This is not a happy one... here's to hoping I actually get off my ass and write the final part to the series so we can have a semi-happy ending. XD;;; But for now... enjoy the angst?

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