November 13th, 2010


porn :D

...I totally blame fencer_x for this one because 1) she introduced me to this song, and 2) Trenchcoat Mode is her fault to begin with. XD;;; Damn you! XD You cause me to write chairsex.

In case you missed it, Tenchcoat Mode is the awesome AU thing we made up that she's now writing in fic format :D Take a look... since this fic isn't going to make much sense unless you know the characters and the situation. XD;;;

But, um, enjoy? XD;;

Title: Backstage Intermission

Disclaimer: Um, these characters actually kind of do belong to fencer_x and I? But the actors, obviously, don't.

Rating: NC-17! Not for the kids!

Pairing: Isaka Tatsuya/Uenobori Makoto as their characters from Trenchcoat Mode!

Warnings: EXPLICIT M/M SEX. With dirty talk. And in a semi-public place. ...And there's some language and stuff. But mostly the sex.

Author's Note: This story is best read to the dulcet tones of Black Cherry by Acid Black Cherry. I have no other excuse besides this song. XD;; Also, it's set pre-canon by about a year.

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Archive is updated! I hadn't done it in a while, sheesh. I added 2 Eiji/Jay fics, one Eiji/Daiki Panic Age fic, all three of my Western Mode fics and... Trenchcoat Mode fics. XD;;; So yeah.

In other news, we're trying to do Tuti's thing again! Here's to hoping it works this time. >___>
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