November 17th, 2010


Wasshi/Mizuki fic. No, I'm not shitting you.

...Yes, I actually wrote this. XD;;; I'm not ashamed!

Enjoy? XD;;;

Title: Not Much of Anything

Disclaimer: I don't own any members of *pnish*, nor of Johnny's entertainment!

Rating: G

Pairing: Washio Noboru/Sano Mizuki. Yes, you read that right. XD;

Warnings: BL sort of? RPS and all that jazz.

Author's Note: Since I don't expect this pairing makes much sense to much of anyone... XD;;; I've written up a handy pairing manifesto so that it makes a little more sense. I think they're adorable together... even if Mizuki is kind of a jerk. XD;;;

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So, today, at the suggestion of fencer_x, I was browsing through the Samurai Mode blog, and I found a few cute things :3

Firstly, as it turns out, Mizuki has a sort-of abnormal pattern for what he calls the *pnish* members. He calls Daiki "Daiki-chan," which, of course, makes sense, since they're brothers, and I'm sure when they were kids, Mizuki took great pleasure in patronizing Daiki with nicknames like that. XD;;; But interestingly enough, he calls Eiji "Moriyama" consistently throughout the blog (and in the interview, I just wasn't thinking about it before), and Tuti is always "Tsuchiya." Wasshi, however, is always "Wasshi" (he writes it わっしー, which strikes me as sort of funny, since more people write it in katakana, as ワッシー). Outside of Mizuki's own brother, he's the one who gets a pet name. What does this mean? I really can't say. But I know what I want it to mean. ^__~;;

And then, in this post, Mizuki (who tends to spam the blog a lot; any post you see entitled "佐野瑞樹です。" is him XD) talks about how he was complimented by the director for working hard to the point of his muscles cramping to get his fight scenes just right. At the end of the post, Mizuki concludes:

"All right!! I'm kindly going to teach this method to Wasshi, who's struggling with his posture and sword fighting!

He'll definitely be really grateful!!

He then follows up with a photo of Wasshi.

Obviously, this is another Mizuki-being-Mizuki moment, since he seems to plan to offer his services to Wasshi completely unasked, and seems to think that Wasshi will think he walks on water once he has shared his GREAT WISDOM... but I still think it's a pretty cute interaction. Like, Mizuki choosing to divulge his new method to Wasshi, like it was a big deal or something, and, of course, Wasshi playing along because Wasshi's way too nice of a guy not to. XD; I feel like, since Wasshi'd be a willing audience for Mizuki's need to peacock-strut, he'd end up always showing off to Wasshi... which seems awfully cute. XD;;;

...I'm a cool kid, I know. XD;