November 18th, 2010


I have Christmas music stuck in my head, damn you Wasshi.

Ahhh, I've done it again! @____@;;; Hopefully this will at least get my need to fangirl Sano fucking Mizuki out of my system. XD;;; It's kind of embarrassing. "Who's your favourite Johnny's boy?" "...Well..." XD;;;

At any rate, I feel like I'm actually getting comfortable with these guys. Even though get-togethers really aren't my favourite thing to write, I think I've kind of gotten a grasp on how they work together, which is a good feeling. I'd like to write established-relationship fic of them in the future... haha, since I'm sure I'm the only one who's ever going to. :D Sorry for the cliche, meme-like title, though. The format worked nicely for the fic, and I couldn't think of a better one. XD;

Title: Three Kisses That Don't Really Count, and One That Does

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Washio Noboru/Sano Mizuki. Yes, I'm at it again.

Warnings: BL! Boys kissing and all that. Probably some language?

Author's Note: A wild get-together fic appears! I think I might be getting comfortable with these guys, actually. :3 Companion to Not Much of Anything.

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