November 19th, 2010


Yes, I do feel the need to post at 6:30 am.

...So, I definitely had a dream involving Sano Mizuki last night. I don't really remember what happened, but it involved fencer_x, too. Like, we were attempting to see Mizuki/meet him somewhere? (Because in my dream apparently we're creepier than we are in real life), but we kept just missing him or something? Idk, I just woke up like "...huh." XD;;;

I want to make icons of Mizuki, but I've discovered that it's impossible to find pictures of him past age, like, idk 25. Which was, oh, ten years ago? It's kind of another depressing fact in the list of signs that Mizuki's career ended in the 90s when he failed to get into any of the Johnny's bands that his contemporaries were formed into ( fact, most members of Arashi are almost ten years younger than him, born in the early 80s). I mean, back in his early days with Johnny's, though he might have been a little bit old, he wasn't that far outside of the norm, and while being in KinKi Jr. and stuff, he did a lot of dramas and things... leading to screencaps and photos being available. But once he got passed up for V6 (or perhaps a few years later, since he was still randomly in V no Honoo and did backup dancing...) it was kind of all over. Finding a recent picture of him on the internet (especially one that's not your odd screencap from Samurai Mode or Wonder Box) is next thing to impossible. TT___TT;; Why, Aniki, why? Quit Johnny's already so that we can have pictures of you! Your career will thank you, I think.

...I still feel bitter whenever I see Ohno on ads (which is pretty much every second ever, since Arashi does like every ad campaign ever and Ohno is the leader of Arashi, right?) since Ohno was in J-Eleven with Mizuki... And of course, when people (as is want to happen here in Japan) ask who my favourite Johnny's boy is, I get met with a lot of blank stares. |D;;;; He does turn up on fansites or wiki sometimes! On the Junior page for wiki, he's listed in the very top bit for being the oldest Junior!


Mizuki and Jay have something in common! :D They're both Juniors.

...also, yes, I do have a Mizuki tag when I have yet to make Tuti or Eiji ones. >__> stfu.