November 22nd, 2010


I am possibly the luckiest fan in the world right now.

I never expect this to happen in a million years, but...


Today was the next Live Chat thing that he was holding, where we all can type comments and Tuti will read them and possibly reply (or reprimand, in Yuuko's case-- he told her to stop it like three times. XD;) Last time, due to technical difficulties, fencer_x, yomimashou, and I didn't get in. However, this time, our login worked! And what did we choose for our screen name? Why, "ミランダ," of course! At least, of the off chance that he recognized the name, we figured it was worth a shot.

In the chat, we were being shy, but there are these things you can "buy" that, when they play on the screen, he's supposed to say your name, and then "Hi, Tuti desu!" Since this was an easy way to make him say my name, we did it (it's still free... I don't know what it's going to be like if it becomes a pay service...) and, sure enough, he saw it and quickly got out a "Miranda! Hi, Tuti desu!"

After that, we just watched, up until the point where Tuti started asking about where people were from. There were a bunch of Tokyos and a few Chibas, and someone was even from Hokkaido. Then Tuti mused that he wondered who was the farthest away... and then added, "Well, Miranda's in America, right?"



Of course, fencer_x (we were all watching on her computer) quickly replied that right now I was in Tokyo but I was originally from America, and he responded by reading the comment back out loud and replying, "Oh, I see, I see." BUT THE POINT IS THAT HE REMEMBERED MY NAME. HE CALLED ME OUT. IN A CHAT OF SOMEWHERE UP TO 100 GIRLS.

Am I officially hated by all of Tuti's Japanese fans (except maybe Yuuko)? Definitely.

Am I one very happy fan? You fucking bet I am!