November 28th, 2010



As it turns out, Wasshi and Mizuki starred in a play together last June (Mizuki was first billed, Wasshi second billed) called "世界征服の作り方" or "How to Make World Domination" XD;;; As the title clearly shows... the play was about wedding dress designing! From the cast info here, it says that Wasshi is the chief designer of "Rose and Rose," a dress company that's about to go under, and Mizuki is a guy who walks in off the street one day and says he's going to save their shop. XD; The official blog is here, in case anyone is interested. XD;

However, it seems like Wasshi and Mizuki were spending some time together during this period~ From this post:

With Mizuki-san, Fuku-san, the three of us went to a nearby ramen place!

...Okay, so that's not that exciting, but it shows that he WENT PLACES WITH MIZUKI. Meaning they hang out! It was just the three of them, not the whole cast or anything!

As does this blog entry:

I went to see a show with the "Sekai Seifuku" members!

...okay, so that REALLY isn't that exciting, since it WAS a bunch of people, and he doesn't mention Mizuki in his post, but in another cast member's post, he mentions Mizuki being there. And who knows what they did together, ahahaha! XD;;

Then, in one of his characteristic "I'm going to spam the play blog since I can't have my own" moments, Mizuki posts this, in which he has a photo of Wasshi and mentions him. :3 Not all that exciting, but Mizuki posting a photo of Wasshi nonetheless. :D

BUT THEN! In this post, Wasshi says:

After rehearsals, it's the weekend!
Is everyone going to come see the show?
I really hope you'll all come see my performance with Mizuki-san!

Because apparently Mizuki is the only important one ^___~

And then here, Wasshi says on the play blog:

This is a two-shot of me and Mizuki-san! Or it was supposed to be, but it's just Mizuki-san's hand.
I'm definitely really looking forward to my first show outside of *pnish* shows with Mizuki-san!

AWWWW. Just... awwww. *_____* Wasshi's so enamoured, it's adorable.

So yes. Long story short: THIS PAIRING IS SO CANON.