December 3rd, 2010



Yesterday evening, to celebrate my birthday, I went with fencer_x and yomimashou to the opening night of "Amadanshi ~Amadan~" in which Wasshi, as well as Tenimyu actors Mizuta Kouki (Shitenhouji B Oshitari Kenya) and Oota Motohiro (Final Match Ibu Shinji) and future Tenimyu actor Konishi Seiya (Season 2 Fuji Yuuta), appeared. The premise of the show was surrounding a high school sweets-baking club and their attempt to win the national sweets-making competition.

The theatre was the same as the one for Santies, the Haiyuuza Gekijou in Roppongi, which is conveniently right outside one of the exits for Roppongi station. Once we were inside and comfortably seated, we had a chance to take in the set, and... wow. It was as if Easy Bake Oven and Barbie had a love child-- the set was supposed to be a high school classroom, but it was very pink and pastel, with large sweets all over the walls. It was... different to say the least. I took the opportunity to look through my pamphlet... in which Wasshi is sporting his very... Wanizuka-esque beard. This displeases me greatly :< He needs to shave that thing, seriously! But then, soon enough, it was time for the show to be starting...

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So there you have it. XD It was kind of special, but I actually really enjoyed it. Hope the report is amusing at the very least! XD;