December 5th, 2010



I should be in bed... but I wanted to get this up first~ ^^;; Just a little bit of fluff, under 1000 words. Enjoy!

Title: 歩き始めた日 (Aruki Hajimeta Hi - The day you begin to walk)

Disclaimer: Secret Box is not mine~

Rating: G

Paring: Haru/Izumi

Warnings: BL, one itty-bitty kiss.

Author's Note: So, this is best read while listening to Aruki Hajimeta Hi, a song from Prince of Tennis. I know that's random and seemingly lame, but the song is really sweet and fitting, and if you don't know Japanese, there's a nice translation here~ The title sounds a lot less lame in Japanese... so, don't take the connotation of the translation completely seriously? XD;; Either way, the song sounded like Haru, and after my beautiful birthday celebration, I wanted to write a little something. This is dedicated to fencer_x, yomimashou, and britkit27~ ♥ I love you guys.

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