December 10th, 2010


Hard to Hold

Tonight, I saw Hard to Hold starring Takasaki Shouta and Tsujimoto Yuuki, and it was brilliant. It was also... somewhat impossible to understand, even understanding a good bit of the Japanese, since it's presented completely out of any linear timeline (and starts at the end, when the main characters is dead XD;) and has a complicated plot, but I really, really enjoyed it. It's quite deep and has a lot of running themes, and honestly, I sort of wish there was a translation so I could read the play in book format, because I think I'd really enjoy just that aspect of it, without seeing super hot boys acting it. XDD

However, I did see it with super hot boys acting it, and... *_____* Firstly and foremost, I am now totally in love with Tsuji *______* He's such a great actor and did an amazing job in his role as the teacher who's totally infatuated with his student but has deep-seated neuroses and is compulsively jealous, which seems especially impressive when I've seen him in roles like Izumi, who is the complete opposite. He's also completely adorable, and was all giggly with Shouta at the curtain call (in fact, Shouta seemed to be incapable of controlling his love for Tsuji and like, kept looking at him lovingly and telling stories about him and giggling... and Tsuji seemed to sort of want to keep it under wraps more, but would look back at him and giggle too...) and I couldn't help but grin the whole time, but GUH we were in the front row. XD; So they could definitely see me, so I was trying to cover my mouth... and it was bad. XD;;;

Also, just in case you didn't know how awesome the show was, every time Shouta says "Ne~ Sensei~" I sort of wanted to die in only the best ways. XD;;;;


...which I can't afford. XD; But I did walk away with a photoset of Tsuji that I really did not plan on buying and Tsuji's character's necklace (there were four, which the four main characters wore, with stones in their colour, since all the characters had colour names. Tsuji's was Shimura, so it's a purple stone. :D)

Hard to Hold fic!

Hahaha, I wasn't planning on having this happen, but... it happened. XD;;; I want to give Shimura a hug, poor guy. ;____; But... this was as good as I could do, I guess.

Title: Tangibility

Disclaimer: Hard to Hold is not mine.

Words: 360

Rating: G, I guess?

Pairings: Hiiro→Aoshima, Shimura→Hiiro

Warnings: Age difference! BL, kissing, all that jazz.

Author's Note: After seeing Hard to Hold... I just couldn't help but write fic for it! The play was so good, and the characters were so interesting... well, at any rate, I feel bad for Shimura, so I wanted to write something where he had at least some small fragment of happiness with Hiiro... and I don't think I succeeded very well, but I tried. XD;;;;

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...MORE Hard to Hold fic

XD;;; Um, this one is entirely fencer_x's fault. XD;;; She said she wanted to see something like this, and I wanted to give it a try, so... hopefully it's executed all right. XD;;; Shimura ;____; I really just want to see him happy...

Title: 心中 (shinjuu - lovers' suicide)

Disclaimer: Hard to Hold is still not mine.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Shimura/Hiiro

Warnings: Character death, age difference, BL, kissing

Author's Note: The title is how Shimura, himself, describes Hiiro's death to Aoshima in the play, though it's sort of unclear whether the conversation between Aoshima and Shimura actually happens or not. I really, really wanted to see Shimura happy... and somehow, this seemed like the only way to do it...

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