January 22nd, 2011



How is that Eiji can be so effing sweet? @_____@ I just. Somehow, unlike everything else in his life, he manages to be really romantic without being really cheesy/kimochiwarui/sketchy. I'm always wandering around all "That Eiji... :P" but when he does stuff like this for Daiki it's always like... the cutest thing ever. @______@ I cede this one to you, Moriyama-san. Your public idea of romantic may be "I want you, I need you, I love you," but in reality, Daiki is really lucky to have you.

...And on that note, it's Daiki's birthday~ I want to write something for him, even a short little fic, and I sort of have something in mind, but we'll see if I have time. If not, I'll try to get it out sometime this week :D;;

But for right now, so much homework. TT____TT;; I'm going to the Asian grocery in Philly later today, to forcibly take me away from readings and such, but for now... dying a slow, painful death of painful reading slowness.


So, this afternoon, I went out to H-mart, an Asian (mostly Korean?) grocery store in Philly, which was beautiful. I'm still stuffed with chicken katsu and sushi and I got some gummies, strawberry daifuku, and wasabi peas :D Now to not spend money ever again. XD;;;

In other news, I cannot stop listening to Arashi music. @____@ This is bad... I don't want to be a Johnny's girl! But it's just so catchy... and there's nothing wrong with indulging in a little boybandy music. I just can't let myself get sucked into the scary-ass fandom that is Johnny's fandom in general just like I wasn't going to let myself get sucked into RPS. That being said, I discovered that Ohno (lead singer of Arashi) 1) got auditioned for Johnny's without his knowing it by his mother and 2) wanted to quit and was asked as a last favour by Johnny Kitagawa to help him by coming with him to Hawaii... where he announced the formation of Arashi. So basically... Johnny's is SCARY LIEK WOAH. I mean, sure, Ohno is ridiculously famous and wealthy now, but it really sucks if he wanted to quit and now can't walk through Tokyo without seeing his face plastered somewhere. o____O;;;

Also unfair since Mizuki is still trying and failing... :P

UGHHHH more readings now. @____@