March 6th, 2011

Aiba&Jun: ♥

Arashi icons |D;

So... I have some icons that I'm sort of embarrassed to have made, but... figured I might as well post. XD;;; Don't just me! After watching Maou over the past few days (I'll probably write up a thing about it at some point) I'm totally in love with it and the characters, so... yeah. XD;;

WARNING: This sort-of contains spoilers for Maou, though without watching the series it really can't mean much. I guess if you've seen all but the last few episodes, don't look? XD;

[19] Arashi-related
[3] Aiba
[3] Nino
[2] Jun & Aiba
[11] Naruse and Serizawa (Maou)

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