December 1st, 2011

Yamada: :o

third post in one day?!

By the way, archive is updated! I realized I hadn't added four or five fics from the end of my time in Japan/right when I got back to America, so those have been added as well as the few newest ones.

Also, I handed in the rough draft of my East Asian Studies thesis on Monday! Now just to wait and see how it turns out... @___@ I'm sure it won't be anything unmanageable, but I'm still really nervous. It is, after all, my thesis. I feel the same way about JET; I got the receipt that says that they received my application, and it's crazy knowing someone might be looking at it right now. @____@ But... I've done my part, so I guess there's really not much more I can do XD;

On a brighter note, spent some money at Sephora for my birthday gift to me~ Yay.