October 1st, 2012

Chinen&Takaki: intimacy

TV, tickets, and teaching

There was supposed to be a typhoon today. Instead, the sky is bright blue and it's sunny and 30º C. What the heck, weather.

In other news, last weekend, yomimashou and I hit Tokyo for a shopping trip! As I mentioned, we went to eat delicious yakiniku with fencer_x, imma_holiday, and amyused, but we also hit Sunshine 60, Mandarake, K-books, and my personal favorite makeup shop in Japan, Skin Food, before we got dinner~ Of course, we recklessly spent our government-funded JET salaries (...er, yes, Japanese people's tax dollars are going towards my wardrobe, hurrah) on adorable new clothes, makeup, and Johnny's goods, but seriously, what more could you ask for in a weekend of shopping? Also, despite the fact that Hey! Say! JUMP doujinshi is incredibly hard to come by, yomimashou managed to buy a Takaki/Chinen doujinshi that was written during the period of time of the original Hey! Say! 7 Junior group, which was possibly the least disappointing doujinshi purchase ever. It was really awesome, and included a really hilarious short bit about Yamada posing in front of the bathroom mirror for an hour |D;; Also, the artist's rendition of tiny, fat-faced Chinen was great. XD;

In fun things news, we have tickets for next weekend to see On8 on yomimashou's birthday! While I'm disappointed that there's not a honkouen this season, I'm excited to see an On live for the first time! And then, we managed to get Johnny's World tickets for December 2nd... my birthday! But more importantly, Hikaru's birthday~ So hopefully they'll do something special for that! But sooner than that, we're hoping to be able to go to the Bakaleya movie opening night showing on October 13th! It might already be sold out, but we're hoping that no one in Gunma is that hardcore |D; Unlikely, but we'll see! And... in the least exciting and most embarrassing news, Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu drops on Wednesday, so I should be getting the CD I preordered at Summary, complete with stickers, in the mail sometime this week, hurrah.

And then yesterday, TV decided to be ridiculously awesome for whatever reason, and NiTere decided to show a documentary about Johnny's Juniors narrated by... Tuti. Yes, it was a fandom collision for the ages, and hilarious to listen to Tuti's dramatic narration of how hard it is to be in showbiz as a teenager (though one of the juniors they interviewed, Yasui, was 21. I had no idea he was so old!). The documentary was really awesome and interesting though, so if it becomes available for download, I highly recommend it! Also, four of the Bakaleya boys were on some weird variety show about weird TV shows from around the world, and did some hilarious senpai monomane. It was great... and I'm so happy to see the boys get any publicity they can ♥

Speaking of monomane, randomly today, two girls from first year (one of them is my favourite kid, but don't tell anyone I have a favourite) who came to help the English teacher carry her things to the classroom saw me and came over and made some ridiculous face. I didn't have any idea what they were doing, so I asked what the face was, and they responded "ミランダ先生のものまね!" (an impersonation of you, Miranda-sensei!) |D;;; In the first year class, somehow, it ended up that I always get cast as the idiot in skits because once, I did something ridiculous to make the kids laugh, and so now the teacher plays it up, and I've become the boke to her tsukkomi, or something. |D; I'm not sure how I feel about this, but... I like that the kids like me? |D;;;

Unrelatedly, on the work front, some guy who's conducting research on elementary schools is stealing my class on Wednesday, about which I'm not thrilled. He's not teaching from the book, planning on teaching entirely in Japanese, and keeps saying "you're the assistant, so you can maybe translate into English sometimes..." :| I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes, but as the person who bears the brunt of lesson planning and work most of the time in elementary school, I'm so not excited about this or about being told that I'm the assistant who doesn't know how to run a class.

And then on Thursday, all the new ALTs have to go to some sort of seminar... whoopee. So thrilled to sit through MORE lectures. But I guess I get out of work for a day...? Honestly, I don't even think this is a good thing. -____-;

But whatever! It's nice out and I have new clothes and am going to see lots of fun things in the near future (none of which require new uchiwa WHAT WHAT) so I'm happy. :3
Hokuto: oshare

another translation!

Yay, I did another translation! This one was for bakaleya6, the new community for the Bakaleya boys that has finally opened! If you're interested in the nameless junior conglomeration that is the Bakaleya-kumi, please go check it out? ♥

As to this translation... it's the article from Winkup October 2012, where the boys were on the cover of the magazine! The magazine that was so awesome looking that yomimashou and I each bought a copy XD;;; It seems to be approximately 99.9% fanservice, so naturally, I had to translate it |D;;; The premise of the article was that they had 5,000 characters to express their "closeness" to one other member. So... without further ado, enjoy!

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