October 23rd, 2012


Bakaleya movie icons!

I made a new batch of icons! These are mostly from the Gekijouban Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou pamphlet, so... I guess this technically contains spoilers for the movie? At any rate, there are also 8 random other icons (B.I.Shadow/Sexy Zone) stuck in there because I had them sitting around my computer |D;;; I loved this movie and I love these characters and I love these boys, so... apologies for the icon overload! But enjoy~?

[45] Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, etc
[4] Sakuragi Tatsuya
[5] Asada Tetsuya
[1] Noguchi Satoshi
[3] Terakawa Maya
[3] Satonaka Yuuki
[1] Jinbo Makoto
[2] Shingyouji Fumie
[2] Kokyu Saya
[1] Mashima Kenji
[1] Koba Junichi
[1] Sakuragi Ren
[1] Tatsunami Shouhei
[5] Sakuragi Tatsuya & Asada Tetsuya
[5] Satonaka Yuuki & Jinbo Makoto
[2] Sakuragi Ren & Sakuragi Tatsuya
[1] Makada boys
[2] Kouchi Yugo
[2] Marius Yo
[2] Kouchi Yugo & Nakajima Kento
[1] Nakajima Kento & Sato Shori

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✄ Credit! Just put my username in the icon comments, please! It's not hard.
✄ Don't alter them! Textless icons are not bases!
✄ Don't claim them as your own in any way!