February 28th, 2013

Tetsuya: skeptical

♫ lookin' for somebody to believe ♫

First and foremost, I am stupidly excited for this. I'm glad the NTV Johnny's slot is going to thugs again this spring. Here's to hoping it's as awesome as Bakaleya was? Even if it's not amazing in most of the underlying ways Bakaleya was, if it's really gay and enjoyable... I'd be okay with that. Guess I'll be staying up late on Saturdays starting in April!

Secondly, I really really really hope the Bakaleya guys debut together (;________;) everything puts me on edge about them and everything gives me false hope... And they all seem so anxious about it, too... I just want them to get the debut that they want. They all work so hard, they deserve it.

On an unrelated and brighter note... it's almost spring break here? I'm headed to Kansai to hang out with 9kinds and see Osaka/Kyoto/Mie/etc, so I'm excited for that, at the very least!

[/pointless post]