April 30th, 2013

Inoo&Hikaru: upward


Oh god, I've totally sucked at writing fic or updating LJ at all this month, I'm so sorry >___<; I guess I've just been busy with the new year and all. I'll try to do better next month! And... at least I got one fic in? I watched a bunch of 2003~2005 episodes of Ya-ya-yah with a friend this weekend, so I was inspired. |D;;

title: Honestly
rating: pg-13
pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/Inoo Kei
word count: 1,165
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is a companion to Little White Lies. I honestly don't know if it stands alone, but I would suggest reading the other first. ^^;
summary: This is what freedom is supposed to be like, Inoo thinks, and he loves every second of it, loves loving Hikaru.

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