July 2nd, 2013

Chinen&Takaki: intimacy


Somehow, another month passed and I didn't write much fic... alas. Why am I so lazy >__< back in 2010 I wrote more than 50 fics, and now I can barely write 20 in a year. Ugh. I guess there's nothing to do but try to make it up this month... >___<

But... at least I haven't been up to nothing? Cut for photos!

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And then... there's the news that Summary isn't happening this year. Or at least, Johnny's Film Festa will be happening in TDC Hall for all of August, so... that doesn't really leave any time for Summary. The website for JFF is here, in case anyone's curious, and since some of Arashi and all of JUMP will be in it, I'll likely be going... but... I really was waiting for Summary. I want to see Sexy Zone again... and now who knows how long it will be until the next time I can see them. Maybe not until New Year? Or next spring?

...shut up, my life is hard. >___>