July 7th, 2013

Yamada: :o

My life continues to be awesome

First and foremost, my archive and JE fic archive are up to date! So... if you want, check it out? :D;

Secondly, yomimashou are really irresponsible and bought tickets for the Nagano Hey! Say! JUMP concerts! And better yet, we got ARENA SEATS!! The 3rd-floor stands were going for around ¥26,000 and the arena seats for ¥30,000 so... why not get arena seats? This is going to be my first show in the arena, so I'm really excited!

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Less than two weeks until I head back to America for two weeks... I hate the stress of traveling. @____@; Also packing. Someone pack for me. @______@;
Kento and Shori: cuddles

Sexy Zone and Jr icons!

I was making some Shori icons for an RP account, so I figured I might as well post them here... and whip up a few more while I was at it. Enjoy~

[37] Sexy Zone & Johnny's Juniors
[16] Sato Shori
[3] Kouchi Yugo
[4] Matsumura Hokuto
[3] Nakajima Kento
[1] Kikuchi Fuma
[3] Morimoto Shintaro
[2] Marius Yo
[2] Nakajima Kento & Marius Yo
[1] Kikuchi Fuma & Marius Yo
[1] Kyomoto Taiga & Tanaka Juri
[1] B.I.Shadow

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And please remember:
♕ Please credit in your icon comments!
♔ While not necessary, I'd love it if you commented when you took or used an icon I made.
♖ No editing or altering for any reason! Textless icons are not bases.
♗ This must be common sense, but please don't claim you made them.