August 5th, 2013

Fuma: hmm

Kamen Teacher!

So about how Kamen Teacher is amazing...?! I totally was not at all intending on watching Kamen Teacher, but I turned it on out of curiosity during the first episode and was drawn in by Taiga. His acting was amazing, and I ended up continuing with the series to see more of Taiga. I was seriously impressed both with his facial expressions and such (he was awesome in the Bakaleya movie, also, considering how few lines he had, but he didn't have much chance to shine) and his delivery, as well-- he's definitely improving! The second episode was sort of blah, and then I went to America, though, so I didn't know what was up until I got back... and then I got hit with episode five! Oh my goodness. *____* That episode was, as yomimashou put it so eloquently, everything I didn't realize I was missing from Bad Boy J. Also, I thought Fuma was pretty okay! I was impressed with Kishi, too, unexpectedly! And even Jesse is getting better, I think!

Is anyone else here watching? What did you think? I'm curious to hear other people's opinions... and I can't wait until episode 6! Only... five more days |D

In personal news, I'm getting over my jetlag and went to my local festival last weekend! I'll try to make a post about it with photos a little later. ^^