September 2nd, 2013

Chinen: wtf

*obligatory post bitching about the new drama*

So about this.

Like, I'd like to say "I didn't have my hopes up" and "there's a pattern in the rotation of NTV lat night dramas," but... for whatever reason, hope springs eternal in me, only to be crushed again and again by Johnny's. :P I suck at being jaded, I know.

And like, I'm happy for the people in it? I love Shori to bits and I'm a fan of Jinchan, as well, but there's a lot of DNW in there (no offense to the guys or their fans; to each our own? It's just a personal preference thing). And as you may have guessed, I was really hoping to see a particular person's name in there that starts with K and ends with ouchi Yugo. >___> Or at least one particular Nakamura Reia. Or something.

But I guess, I'm happy for Shori, and I'm happy for Amu... I'm just not going to watch it.

Also I feel like crap and lost my voice so that's probably not helping my feelings of joy and happiness.