September 29th, 2013

Tama: we never give up

best weekend ever!

I'm back and exhausted and ready to crash, and I haven't even really caught up on my flist at all or anything (so if I should be commenting on something and I haven't bear with me, sorry!) but I just wanted to drive by and mention a few things about my weekend~

Firstly, HAPPY SEXY ZONE DAY!! I still think it's dumb to count volleyball groups from the announcement day, but for Sexy Zone, especially, this is a special day to me, because I was actually aware enough of all of Johnny's as an entity to be aware of the debut announcement when it happened. I proceeded to flip a shit over B.I.Shadow, but you know. XD It's the little things. At any rate, happy two years, bbs! Here's to many, many more!

Secondly, Kamen Teacher ended and I was the opposite of disappointed! It was great! I'm excited to write all the fic! |D;

Next, the new K-books Cast is amazing!! There's a huge Johnny's section with things I've never seen before, like promotional posters. I snagged the Real Sexy!/Bad Boys promotional poster (with Reia ♥) as well as the Fuma clearfile I'd been looking for from the New Year's concert and the two group clearfiles from the debut concert. In fact, I now own every Sexy Zone group clearfile ever printed! Clearly this means I am awesome.

Also, Dream Boys was AMAZING. I was not expecting to even like it, and I LOVED it!! It was seriously amazing. I'm going to do my best to write up a full report, but for now, have some non-spoilery reactions:
① I'm so in love with Reia. (☆____☆) He's just... so cute and talented and an amazing dance and great at skateboarding and just... perfect in every way, oh my goodness ♥
② I'm in love with Snowman! They were so great and seriously just made the show delightful.
③ In particular, I'm in love with Sakuma Daisuke. His face may look surreal, but he's a really amazing dancer, and I think he's a pretty compelling actor, too.
④ I love Tama's fail so much... he fell/almost fell/messed up the choreography so many times. |D;
⑤ Never, ever going to get Gin Gira Gin ni Sarigenaku out of my head.

I'll post more later!