October 5th, 2013

Reia: cute

Sexy Boyz icons~

How did this happen |D; Somehow, from watching Dream Boys, I fell even more in love than ever with Nakamura Reia, which led to a lot of watching Johnny's Junior Land and reading Sexy Boyz interviews and what have you, and so... this happened. |D; Oops? This (I think) is the third largest batch of icons I've ever made, so... enjoy? |D;;;

[65] Sexy Boyz (Johnny's Jr.)
[16] Nakamura Reia
[21] Jinguji Yuta
[2] Haniuda Amu
[8] Iwahashi Genki
[3] Kishi Yuta
[1] Takahashi Fu
[1] Haniuda Amu & Nakamura Reia
[13] Jinguji Yuta & Nakamura Reia

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Chinen: captivated

layout change!

Check it out!

The layout is from here, but man did I do a lot of editing. The style is really cute, but I don't think the person who made it ever actually tried to use it, so there were a lot of little formatting issues. But I think I learned a lot about CSS coding through this, so I'm happy!

Also, yomimashou and I have been watching Johnny's Junior Land, and ahhhh Reia ♥♥♥ I'm in love and want to write fic and stuff... but I need to work on <lj user="je holiday"... ahahaha... it's a tough life.