October 28th, 2013

Fuma: hmm

Junior rankings!

Okay, so as promised, here's the complete list of 52 categories for the 20th annual Myojo Junior ranking! Anyone who's a junior is in; I'm pretty sure Nakayama Yuma is out. Myojo asks for a name and a reason, so of course, if you want to give a reason, feel free! I don't usually write reasons for all 52 because sometimes I don't really have a reason or don't want to write "because he's a nice person" several times in a row, though. XD; So... yeah! Let's have a discussion. Comment answering whichever ones you want, and we can discuss and argue/agree? :D?

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So there you have it! It's a bit long, but I'm looking forward to seeing what people chose! Even if you just want to answer one or two, I'll be happy to chat about it :3 I haven't finished mine yet, but... I'm working on it. XD;;