November 13th, 2013

Tama: we never give up


Since yomimashou and I didn't buy our KisuMai tickets until the last minute, we didn't make uchiwa until the last minute, either, and so I spent this evening before and after Shounen Club making them! I actually think they turned out really well, and I'm happy with them~

Collapse )

For once, we're going to see a group that has distinct, decided member colours! And luckily, they were ones that were easy to make an uchiwa out of. I think they came out pretty nicely!

Also, unrelatedly, Shounen Club together (despite the complete lack of Juniors I like) was pretty awesome. Fuma and Kento did a sports anime-esque mimed game of table tennis, complete with sound effects and pauses in the action for internal monologue XD; Also, Yugo and Jesse got to be together in the finale and were just adorable and amazing and in love and ahhhhh ♥ They've stolen my heart back. It was really adorable... they're such goofballs and they're perfect for one another.