November 22nd, 2013

Yamachii: cuddles

so tired.

Spent all day at a stupid teacher's conference and haven't had the chance to check LJ or anything else for that matter, but I'm exhausted and going to get up to go see the Bad Boys J movie again tomorrow, so I'll have to check later. >__<;; Just wanted to drop in to disclaim that. @__@

Also, what's up with them having another BBJ stage greeting all of a sudden?

...unrelatedly, Myojo this month put Yugo in a different article from Taiga, Shintaro, and Juri, and I'm seriously not happy about it. On the other hand, Reia's still with Sexy Boyz, and... Sexy Zone actually went to Dubai? |D;; Even if they wore some seriously unfortunate outfits... Shori and Kento roomed together ♥ And Myojo pushing Fuma and Marius cracks me up. |D;;; Oh, Johnny's.