November 24th, 2013

Marius: sweet

大丈夫 ready, go~ ♪

In the continuing saga of "I spend all my time and money on Johnny's," I went to see the Bad Boys J movie again yesterday, and enjoyed it just as much the second time~ I have a plot summary mapped out, so I'm hoping to get that written up tomorrow!

Also, I played the KisuMai kuji at 7/11 yet again (or rather, yomimashou did it for me, because I have awful luck and she's an ace at kuji) and somehow managed to get... the giant Tama-face poster. I just. I can't stop laughing about this. XD It's so ridiculous! But I'll probably end up hanging it up, anyway. It's called a "~tapestry." What's classier than a Tama-face tapestry?

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In unrelated news, I also recently redid my nails for the teacher's conference to something simple and subtle (for me)~ I'm really happy I started experimenting with loose glitter! I was actually really happy with how these turned out.

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Yup, my life is so exciting. We're about to head into the string of birthdays, though! Happy almost-birthday to Amu, Sou, Ohno, Chinen, and then finally Hikaru and... me! XD;