November 26th, 2013


Bad Boys J icons!

To celebrate that the movie was awesome, have almost 100 Bad Boys J icons! There's not really any spoilers, but some of the images are from the movie pamphlet. Also, forgive that some of them are really awful quality, but I liked some of the images too much not to use them. >__>; Aaaand again, there are variations that I really thought looked different but now I can't see the difference... >___>;; I'm so sorry. But... at any rate, enjoy?

[99] Bad Boys J (screencaps, pamphlet scans, and related magazine articles)
[16] Satou Erika (Triendl Reina)
[13] Hiro (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
[3] Hiro & Erika
[7] Funamoto Jun (Hagiya Keigo)
[7] Nakagawa Kenjirou (Yasui Kentaro)
[15] Jun & Kenjirou
[3] Hiro, Jun, Kenjirou
[11] Kiriki Tsukasa (Nakajima Kento)
[1] Tsukasa & Yoshimoto Kumi (Hashimoto Nanami)
[18] Kawanaka Youji (Iwamoto Hikaru)
[5] Youji & Tsukasa

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Movie pamphlet scans courtesy of shatteredtenshi!