November 27th, 2013

Chinen: musing

watched NTV Best Artist, and:

① Love JUMP to bits, don't like the new song at all. It's not that catchy and it's not really my thing. Daiki sounds pretty inexperienced in rapping. However, I'm so thrilled for Daiki that he got a lot of solo parts!! This isn't even enough to make up for Mystery Virgin last year, but I'm really pleased that they're giving him this. Also, they all looked amazing; Chinen's hair is long, Keito's is short, and the only one who looked off is Takaki, who has black hair and a god-awful center part for his new drama. Also, Hikaru's black hair. Go back to blonde plz. :E BUT whatever JUMP is amazing and full of JUMPing love.

② TEGO IS BLONDE AGAIN. Praise the hair gods. Also, kissed Koyama's neck and made him flail and almost fall over? Maybe I need to become a NEWS fan after all.

③ I have to say, after watching NTV Best Artist... I just... really love Julie. She remembers and understands what Johnny's is supposed to be about, and what sort of tradition the company has been built on (and has become very successful on). If she has NTV, along with Arashi and Eito as frontrunners, TOKIO and V6 as senpai, and JUMP for the future, she's in good shape, right? Still, it's really disheartening to hear that Sexy Zone has gone from Johnny himself to Ijima. And of course, Kisumai continues to break my heart. But... I'm trying to keep it together? At any rate... I'm team Julie all the way.

④ Unrelated to Best Artist, happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate, and happy birthday to Ohno Satoshi and Haniuda Amu yesterday and Matsushima Sou today! Also, I can't believe Chinen is going to be 20 on Saturday T___T;;; When did my baby grow up?

[EDIT] ⑤ EEEEEEEE!!!! CHINEN HAS A MOVIE?! This, along with him being on VS Arashi, and Yamada being on Nino-san... Julie, ganbatte!!