December 12th, 2013

Reia: love me?

[my favourite things] day 1: nakamura reia

So, recently, I've been letting myself feel way too negatively about fandom in general. I'm not trying to say that those feelings are invalid, or that feeling negatively about fandom is inherently bad, or that I take back my opinions about things in fandom, but the truth of the matter is, I want to be happier, and at the end of the day, the only one who can make me happier is me. So, I've decided to try to appreciate what I love about this fandom and the things and guys that make me really happy, rather than focusing on the negative. Today is exactly two weeks before Christmas, and so I'm going to attempt to do a two-week daily post about my favourite JE things. Of course, this is the ideal, and it might end up dragging out (especially since I'm leaving for Hawaii in a week) but that's my plan. XD;

And so, with no further ado, on to day one!

Nakamura Reia
It seemed right to start out with Reia, because though he's the most recent of my favourite things, he's been making me ridiculously happy for the past few months. I love how talented he is at dancing, and at skateboarding, and I love how he can combine those skills together in Johnny's. I love how he's stuck it out for a long time working hard in Johnny's now, ever since the Snow Prince days. I love how cute he is, and how unabashedly cutely he acts, regardless of the fact that it might seem weird to others. I love how he's himself and doesn't try to put on a fake front just to seem cool or get more fans. I love how he clearly knows when he's being asked to do things that are silly or ridiculous, and the face he automatically makes when he's embarrassed, when he sticks his tongue out a little. I love how he's teasing and pokes fun at his friends, but at the same time picks up after them (like when he repaired the step for Jinguji on Johnny's Junior Land) and looks out for them. I love that he refers to himself as an otomen. I love that he's proud of his pale skin. I love that he looks up to Tego and wants to wear his pink sparkly yukata from Nagisa no Onee-samaa. I love that he loves every second of being onstage, and I love how that joy shows through in all of his dancing and performing.

Thank you for making my life a little brighter, Reia. ♥ これからも頑張って下さい!