December 14th, 2013

Aiba&Jun: ♥

[my favourite things] day 3: model pair

Model Pair
(Matsumoto Jun x Aiba Masaki)
I decided to go back to something much less recently... the first pair in JE that I fell in love with. I love model pair because whether it's in a romantic relationship or just as close friends who have known one another for a really, really long time, and who understand one another. I love model pair because they're both crybabies who have all the feelings, and who care so much about their friends and their group. I love model pair because they're opposite in so many ways, like Aiba's wild, carefree personality versus Jun's obsessively detail-oriented personality, but yet the same in so many ways, like how emotive and empathetic they are. I love how recently they haven't been able to keep their eyes off of one another on TV. I love how in concerts they always grin at one another. I love how they don't give that much fanservice, but it's still clear that they really care about one another. I love their love, for their group, and for their friends, and for one another.