December 17th, 2013

Reia&Jinchan: ♥

[my favourite things] day 6: jinguji yuta x nakamura reia

Jinguji x Reia

I know it's not very popular, but I love this pairing ♥ I love this pairing because somehow, despite everything, they seem to fit together perfectly. I love how Reia teases Jinguji and keeps his ego in check, but at the same time, complements him when he wants to be complemented and cleans up after him (like the stairs Jinguji broke on the summer special of Johnny's Junior Land). I love how Jinguji acts so comfortable around Reia, and how he seems to always be trying to impress him in magazine articles. I love how they know one another really well, and how Reia says that if even some little thing goes wrong between them, it feels like they fought because they're usually so close. I love how they trust one another, and how little signs of intimacy come out now and again, like when Reia tucked in Jinguji's tag in the first pyjama party episode of Johnny's Junior Land, and I love how honestly flustered Reia got when Jinguji said he loved him in the episode after that. I love seeing these two together, and I hope I can see more and more of them together in the future!