December 18th, 2013

Chinen: captivated

[my favourite things] day 7: chinen yuri

Chinen Yuri
I love just about everything about Chinen. I love how he's spent more than half his life in Johnny's now, and how he loves everything about performing. I love how he's grown up from a cute, spoiled little boy into a mature, talented, still cute young man, and I love how much he loves himself, how much he doesn't let anyone's criticisms get to him and how he keeps confident and keeps doing his personal best. I love how supportive he is of his friends, and I love how kindly he treats his fans, going out of his way to do as many uchiwa requests and wave at as many people as possible. I love how talented he is, especially at dancing, and I love seeing him do both JUMP's regular choreography and more classical stuff like what he did in Where My Heart Belongs last year. I love how much of his heart and effort he puts into JUMP, and I love how he's proud of what he does. I love how he doesn't yield to pressure, but how he's more than willing to bend for the people he cares about. I love him for living his life as best he possibly can without getting caught up on the small things or looking backwards.

Aaaand that's the post for today (December 18th). I'm going to do serious time traveling on my way to Hawaii, because I'm crossing the date line, but I can't guarantee when I'm going to be able to post next, so... I'm sorry! I was crazy today teaching almost every period, and I'm stressed about traveling now, but... I'll try to be back as soon as possible! Until then... brief hiatus while I travel to Hawaii! ♥